The Tardis Ukulele Lets 'Doctor Who' Fans Jam Out

 - Sep 3, 2013
References: etsy & technabob
Just when you thought you had your finger on the pulse of geeky instruments, along comes the TARDIS ukulele. This unique ukulele has a design inspired by the iconic time machine from the hit BBC show 'Doctor Who.' The TARDIS ukulele was made by Paul Celentano of the Etsy store Celetano Woodworks. It is more or less a spot-on replica of the time machine and, as in the show, is guaranteed to be bigger on the inside than it looks.

The TARDIS ukulele is one of many custom ukuleles made by Celetano. Other custom instruments include a cupcake and Pac-Man ukulele. Although it is one of many, no other instruments from Celetano Woodworks are inspired by the most popular sci-fi show of all time. The TARDIS ukulele is made by hand and sells for $700.