'One Can Hear the Pain' is Presented in the Voices of Bon Joviver

If you crossed a legendary 80s rock band with a bearded man who plays indie folk then you would get Bon Joviver. This mash-up band is a combination of Bon Iver and Bon Jovi and was created by Miracles of Modern Science.

Bon Iver is known for his voice that reflects his heavy emotions so that when one listens, they can hear his pain. He is also known for his indie harmonies, which are perfectly in tune, yet drag out adding an improvisational touch. When Bon Joviver was created, the lyrics of You Give Love A Bad Name fit like a glove with Bon Iver's style and tone, making it seem like a song he would write.

This video is only one minutes's worth of Bon Joviver and it's too bad because it's fantastic to listen to. Hopefully they will release a whole song.