Cob Ovens Are Eco-Friendly and Fuel Efficient

 - Jan 18, 2009
References: motherearthnews
Even before the recession, quite a few people have saved money by making their own cob ovens, and you can too! As you can see from the gallery, earth ovens range from unique and extravagant to simplistic and crude. My favorite is the first picture where a cob bench and cob oven are incorporated into one.

Cob ovens are eco-friendly and fuel efficient. Delicious breads, stews, soups, and even pizza can be baked in ovens made from earth--no electricity, gas or propane needed.

One thing that really stood out to me while searching for cob ovens was seeing photos of them in the making. Not only that, but making a cob oven is a great project for family, friends and neighbors.

Earth ovens are fairly inexpensive to make. All you need is a shovel, wheelbarrow, measuring tape, a tarp, some kitchen utensils, straw, clay from topsoil, and most importantly--friends and family (including children) who would love to stomp around in some mud.

If you’re inspired to make your own cob oven, be sure to check out the informational DIY earth oven article from Mother Earth News with the link below. 

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