The Ribbon by Enzo Kocak is an Innovating Coiling Hotplate

 - Jun 22, 2011
References: flickr & electroluxdesignlab
People have, for too long, been left with appliances like microwaves and ovens to heat their meals, when the Ribbon by Enzo Kocak is so much more efficient.

It's taken a log time for designers to begin realizing gadgets that improve upon the abilities of such conventional cooking contraptions, and I must say, that this concept hotplate project is particularly brilliant. A semi-finalist entry in the Electrolux Design Lab 2011 competition, this curling strip stove can be effortlessly wound around the outside of pots, bowls, mugs and more.

When the black side of the band faces in, the dish will be heated up, but by furling the belt in the reverse fashion, the vessel will be rendered cooler. The Ribbon by Enzo Kocak incorporates intuitive function buttons at one end of the strap so that your meal can be warmed to perfection.