- Jun 11, 2010   Updated: Apr 14 2011
Contrary to their title, these ruffled rags are nothing but ruffle royalty. Ruffles add a touch of California girl swagger to any piece.

With everything from biker grunge photography to asymmetric ruffled microminis to white bonnet editorials, it's clear that ruffled rags can be incorporated into almost any look.

Implications - Ruffles and other forms of draped fabric add an instant air of romance to any outfit or fashion editorial; designers are increasingly embracing this aesthetic to appeal to modern fashionistas who wish to exude femininity in their everyday outfits. Creative professionals can leverage this ladylike phenomenon by outfitting models in ruffled, draped fabric for ad campaigns and fashion editorials.

From Biker Grunge Photography to Asymmetric Ruffled Microminis: