The Frillier the Better for Fall '08

 - Aug 27, 2008
References: crimeoffashion.wordpress
Think Jerry Seinfeld, “Puffy Shirt” episode. You know… the famous shirt with ruffles all over it? If you’'re picturing it now, you’'re clued in to yet another ultra-glam, new fashion trend. Ruffles are BACK, and they'’re “rufflier” than ever. No matter the hue, they’'re hot.

Designers everywhere are adding layers of material to their usual designs to make ruffles in new and exciting ways, and celebs everywhere are running with it. Ruffles flap in the breeze of fall runway fashions as well, and can be found made from almost any material. The ruffles pictured here are from the "Crimes of Fashion" website and may be ones that you want to steer clear of, but the Fall '08 ruffles are promising oh so much more...

'08 Ruffles are not just on “Seinfeld-esque” shirts and dresses anymore. For THIS season, look for ruffles on shoes, bags, bracelets, skirts and even leggings. Ahh, the possibilities are endless.