Human-Like Robots Compensate for Increasing Elderly Population

 - Mar 17, 2009
With over 20% of the Japanese population over the age of 65, and projections that it’ll reach over 40% in the not-too-distant future, Japan has looked to robots as the answer to many of the labor problems coming from an aging population.

There are already robot receptionists, hospital workers and cleaners, and they have worked on creating robot dogs as friends to the elderly.

Still, the Japanese love their robots, and their robot fixation has gone beyond pragmatism to creativity and fun. To that end, their latest robot creation is a female robotic model which will show her wares on a catwalk at a Tokyo fashion show.

The model-bot represents the average height of a young Japanese woman at 5’2" tall, and weighs in at a model-like 95 pounds (robot anorexia?).

Although the robot will strut at the fashion show, she’ll be in full metallic nude. Evidently the fashion designers do not want to equate the "cybernetic human" with their clothing line.

Check out these and other robots with human jobs below.