MyFountain Smartini Cocktail Mixer

 - Aug 15, 2007
References: digitalbeverages
We've seen a handful of Robot Bartenders at Trend Hunter, but this is the first that does not look too gimicky. It even has a digital display.

If you tend to forget the great lounge drinks you've sampled over the years, fret no more. Your computer is going to make cocktail mixing just a smidge easier for you. I'm not talking about looking up recipes online. After round three with Captain Morgan, you often forget the exact composition of your secret punch, right? That's why you get your robo-bartender to do it for you.

You've made a habit of kicking back with a beer after work, or pouring yourself a glass of vino with dinner at night? Then it's time to shake up your at-home beverage routine. MyFountain takes cocktails out of the lounge and into your home. A splash of bold colour, a burst of delicious flavour, and a strong dose of alcohol? Now that's what I like to come home to after a day at the office.