Whistles While it Works

 - Nov 22, 2007   Updated: Jun 7 2011
References: koreatimes.co.kr
This robot will watch for intruders while it cleans your home. It's not only futuristic, it's fun and it's cool. While whistling while it works, the robot is also on the alert for motions that should be there. If it senses something it will jingle your cell phone. Homeowners can also drive the vacuum around the house via a remote for that spot cleaning.

Implications - Technology has improved exponentially in regards to the way society conducts day-to-day activities; however, these developments also produce a lack of human involvement. Consumers may be satisfied with technology, but are looking for ways to imbue these developments with more emotional, human elements. Companies should consider developing products that have an emotional element in the design to ensure customers feel more of a connection with these designs.