- Jan 20, 2013
These red gowns provide a great starting point for those looking for some ideas on what to wear this Valentine’s Day.

Being the special day that it is, Valentine’s Day deserves a little fashion flair. And since red is the color of passion and love, it’s only fitting that some women might look to red gowns for their outfit.

There are, of course, red ball gowns seen on the backs of celebrities like Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Aniston. While these kind of red gowns are often one of a kind pieces made by designers, they do provide some ideas for styles to look for.

For a more edgy look, you can go with a glittering red gown with a plunging neckline as seen in the 2010 Vogue Nippon collection. Whichever red dress you choose, you’ll be in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

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