Cynthia Sheppard Adorns Her Subjects in Scarlet Gowns

A red dress is almost guaranteed to look good on any female, which is probably why several paintings by Cynthia Sheppard feature women and little girls wearing scarlet gowns.

What’s fascinating about these Cynthia Sheppard illustrations is they’re all so different despite having her subjects dressed to impress in rouge. One image will have a beautiful dark-haired woman lying on a red floor with a champagne glass knocked over and the next image will feature a lady bleeding profusely amid a body of water. The inclusion of a red dress is consistent, but the concepts are refreshingly changed for each depiction.

Cynthia Sheppard is a Fairfax, Virginia-based artist who describes herself to be a, "Graphic designer by day, [and] fantasy illustrator by night."