From Full-Faced Sci-Fi Hoodies to Intergalatic Droid Loungers

 - Sep 3, 2012
Science fiction fanatics will gladly direct their attention towards anything sci-fi related including R2D2 merchandise. Despite the fact that the Fan Expo shut its doors a week today, individuals can still peruse, admire and purchase these products to prepare for their Fan Expo 2013 appearance.

With this adorable and iconic Star Wars character decorating homes, wardrobes and electronics, nerds will wholeheartedly appreciate references to an iconic droid. Despite the fact that a majority of people could not directly understand what R2D2 was trying to say, they still grew to know, love and appreciate this personality packed droid. R2D2’s main source of communication with others came through seemingly random beeps and bops from his stout red, white and blue shell.

Perfect for geek and nerd-filled abodes, this array of R2D2 merchandise will feel universally at home.