From Biometric Smartphones to Face Recognition Payment Tools

 - Oct 23, 2015
These personal identity innovations range from facial recognition payment apps to biometric car ignitions that are started with an owner's unique fingerprint. As technology continues to consume our lives, our risk of identity theft is greater than ever before.

Identity protection software like mobile encryption apps protect the conversations of smartphone users by translating common text messages into secret codes. While platforms like this may seem extreme to some in the Western world, mobile users in some foreign countries see this tool as a necessity thanks to increased surveillance by government officials.

Furthermore, recent personal identity innovations have strongly relied on biometrics. Rather than using credit cards that are easy to replicate or hack, more people are relying on digital wallets and cryptocurrencies that make everyday transactions more secure. Next to these payment examples, innovations like biometric insurance plans and biometric hotel check-ins make planning for the future or travelling abroad more worry-free than in the past.