The Safe ID Reveals Information Upon the Approval of Your Fingerprint

 - Sep 29, 2014
References: yankodesign
No one except you should really need to use your personal identity cards, so the Safe ID concept makes these items more private. You would not need to worry about identity theft with this hi-tech piece of plastic, for it only divulges information to its rightful owner.

Noh Young-Joon, Suh Dong-Lim and Hyuk Choi came up with the idea for a nearly blank card that has a glowing padlock symbol in the center. To view the details stored on it, you must apply your thumb print and be approved. If you're deemed to be the owner of the Safe ID, your name, sex, picture and address will suddenly appear. Show the card to whomever you like while it's in your hand, but it will otherwise remain secretive.