This Digital Locker is Equipped with a Multi-Layer Security System

 - Sep 9, 2015
References: icicibank & dnaindia
'ICICI Bank' recently designed a digital locker that contains a revolutionary security system. With fraud and identify theft on the rise, many financial institutions are seeking new ways to protect consumers. This biometric bank vault provides a unique way for consumers to protect their valuables.

The 'Smart Vault' is a fully automated digital locker that allows customers to access their items outside of normal bank hours. The vault is equipped with a multi-layer security system that includes biometric authentication. Because the system uses biometric technology to identify a person's identity, customers can access the vault without intervention by the branch staff. This means that the system is not only more secure than a traditional bank vault, but the process is also more convenient for customers.

While many financial institutions have incorporated new security features into their mobile systems, the Smart Vault demonstrates one of the unique ways banks are using biometric technology inside their branches as well.