Ford's New Patent Hopes to Let Drivers Open Cars with an Eye Scan

 - Oct 21, 2015
References: jalopnik & biometricupdate
Currently in development, Ford's latest foray into biometric car tech hopes to let drivers open their vehicles with a built-in eye scan feature. First filed in 2012, Ford's revolutionary patent is only getting attention now thanks to consumers' growing interest in biometric security options in the automotive realm.

While other similar prototypes -- like fingerprint-powered ignitions -- are already in testing and development stages, this unique techology is said to be even more secure than existing options. This is because the software will offer varying biometric car security features like fingerprint and facial scans that can be used as an alternative to retinal imaging.

Using one's smartphone, this technology would essentially lock and unlock a car's door via Bluetooth software but would require a biometric test to ensure an unauthorized person isn't entering someone else's vehicle.