Bans on Everything from Photoshop to Diaper Sales

 - Oct 30, 2009   Updated: Jun 22 2011
Sometimes you think the government is doing a good job; other times you think the people in power are just trying to be mean. What other reason could there be for not allowing people to toss rice or buy diapers online? There are a lot of peculiar prohibitions out there, and they include everything from banning food photography to all swimwear except for Speedos!

Implications - There exist many consumers within society today who feel as if they are being controlled, manipulated and monitored by a higher power. Businesses that are able to provide relief to such anxieties, either through humor or irony, will appeal to a large clientele. These companies and their concepts will come across as much more approachable to consumers, which lead to them being more willing to invest their time and money.