Chinese Government Bans Western Adult Pop Culture Items

 - Oct 4, 2007
References: abcnews.go
The Chinese government is cracking down even further on what they've deemed "social pollution" by banning sex advertisements, ranging from viagra to sex toys to much less vulgar push-up bra commercials. Ads falling into these categories will no longer be aired on radio and TV, and the country is doing its best to remove similar online content.

"They not only seriously mislead consumers, harm the people's health, pollute the social environment, and corrupt social mores, but also directly harm the credibility of public broadcasting and affect the image of the Communist Party and the government," the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) posted on their site.

Is China is trying desperately to prevent the effects of globalization on the nation? It seems that any Western culture is being cut off; they're trying to keep their history and culture as pure as they can, hence needing control over media and therefore people so they can maintain their power.

This could stem from a huge fear by the Communist party on the impact the Beijing Olympics will have. It looks as if they're in a rush to put all media control in place before the summer 2008 games when the country will be bombarded with Western media.

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