From Low-Impact Floating Backpacks to Beer-Tasting Train Tours

 - Oct 27, 2018
This October 2018 world trend list highlights globalization and the importance of travel. The eclectic round-up features products like comfort-inducing advanced ergonomic pillows that enhance the in-flight napping experience and low-impact floating backpacks that assure individuals are not strained during a full-day hiking adventure.

This recap is not only concerned with product innovation, however. The October 2018 world examples provide suggestions for valuable cultural immersion as well. This not only gives soon-to-be travelers a good idea of what experiences are available abroad. It also offers inspiration for hospitality businesses in bringing about an authentic experience for visitors. From opportunities for beer-tasting train tours to drag queen cruise ships, consumers are ever more likely to opt-in for an entertaining experience that is interactive, unique and well-planned.