From Branded Chocolate Museums to Bright Blue Burgers

 - Oct 9, 2016
The top October 2016 restaurant branding ideas follow two interesting themes -- pop-ups that have very specific purposes or inspirations, and menu items that would likely surprise consumers.

The Powamekka Cafe in Fresno, California is an example of a themed pop-up that consumers are unlikely to forget. Created to honor Tupac Shakur's death, the pop-up restaurant's menu references some of the iconic rapper's songs. The pop-up will unsurprisingly play only Tupac's music while it is open.

Another common theme that has become apparent is "shock food." This can be viewed in a variety of examples, such as the vivid blue burger buns inspired by the movie X-Men that a restaurant in Australia offers. Another surprising menu item is Wendy's Truffle Bacon Cheeseburger, which is a burger that is made using truffle aioli -- an unusual item when compared to what the fast food chain generally offers.