This Dessert Truck Offers a Playful Experience for Its Customers

 - Sep 12, 2016
References: wafelsanddinges
The 'Wafels and Dinges' dessert truck serves waffles and offers a variety of toppings to go with them.

The food truck serves waffles that are both sweet and savory in nature, along with hot chocolate, hot coffee and iced coffee. Toppings include fruit, nutella, whipped cream, caramel, Belgian chocolate and walnuts, while customers have the option of picking from four different types of ice creams. The dessert truck also has weekly specials that include options such as pear-topped waffles with brown sugar crumbles. Wafels and Dingles also chose to make the process of ordering more fun for its customers, with daily challenge questions that, if answered correctly by the customer, gives them a free topping.

This playful food truck revolves around a specific dessert, but its versatile options and daily challenges ensure that customers are always entertained.