From Undulating Bamboo Tables to Optical Illusion Seating

 - Oct 27, 2014
From optical illusion decor to fluid silhouette furnishings, these October 2014 furniture ideas are sure to appeal to design buffs. Furniture is no longer only practical as designers are aiming to create pieces that marry aesthetics with function.

While tables are becoming more sculptural and colorful in their look, seating is taking on a dual-purpose form and is transitioning from formal to multi-functional. This is thanks to modular seating and is being used as multi-purpose decor in one's home.

Geometric stools are becoming side tables while beds are doubling as compact playhouses for children who love camping. The idea of dual-purpose design adds longevity to these October 2014 furniture ideas and inspires one to invest in decor that is not only intended to do one thing.