Natalie Weinmann Designs Multi-Purpose Furniture

 - Sep 8, 2014
References: natalie-weinmann & dezeen
Hamburg-based designer Natalie Weinmann created the Samt Rau collection, comprised of three pieces of multi-purpose furniture made from natural stone and oak. None of these creations are limited to one purpose; in fact, they are all up for interpretation by the user.

While the titles of each piece -- Bench, Table and Newspaper Rack -- might tip the individual off to their intended uses, Weinmann maintains that the collection is made up of "erratics." The term refers to rocks that differ from those in their surrounding environment, suggesting that glacial motion carried them over a distance. Weinmann notes that there are "a million ways to use an erratic," so the title shouldn't limit your usage.

The collection effectively stretches the user's imagination. Weinmann herself enjoys the unpredictability and intricacy of working with natural stone, a material which can behave erratically when processed, and requires patience and knowledge to bring out the beauty within.