This Scandinavian Furniture by Sam Grieg Stresses Simplicity & Cohesion

 - Sep 25, 2014
References: samgreig & design-milk
Sam Grieg's scandinavian furniture designs are based around "Hygge," a Danish concept which essentially is a sensation where you feel contented knowing that you and other are partaking in good food and conversation. Drawing inspiration from this, the 60s-style furniture pieces include the Avsnitt Armchair, Avsnitt Trestles, Mantis Chair and the Pinched Desk.

Each of these designs is visually clean and simple, featuring elements that are harmonious with one another. This is most evident in the look of the armchair and the trestles, which have simple frames that are made from oval-shaped pieces of American cherry wood. The wood is seamlessly held together by a nearly invisible dowel, which again stresses a unity between the individual pieces as well as the whole collection.