The Chair 3/4 is Unsettling to See, But Really Rather Stable

 - Sep 30, 2014
References: & dezeen
Look closely at the Chair 3/4 and you'll notice that something about it is off. Perhaps difficult to discern from certain angles, the asymmetry and even disconnect within the structure seems to break the rules of furniture design.

This was precisely the intention of Sandro Lominashvili, who wished to challenge the parameters of creating a simple seating object. Tubular steel was chosen as the ideal material, for its strength exceeds the weight demands that this item should ever have.

There are three load-bearing legs on the Chair 3/4, as you'll remark the separation between the seat and the rear left prop. To ensure that the chair is adequately sturdy and balanced for the sitter, one leg in front was welded at an angle.