Apparel Innovations That Find Elegance in the Disheveled

 - Apr 16, 2012
As the weather alludes to the approaching summer, so to does the increase in nomad-inspired fashion statements, apparel that advocates for freedom and adventure. Nomad, vagabond, gypsy, drifter and hobo -- these terms are often associated with the wanderers of the world, those whose home, like the hermit crab, is carried on their back; in the fashion world these terms characterize the fashion statements that speak to tribal aesthetics, the allure of the unbound and unconfined.

Urban, elegant, modern, sophisticated and romantic are all adjectives used to describe the types of nomad and gypsy-inspired fashion photoshoots that find inspiration from the disheveled. Funny how popular culture can turn the unrefined into the desirable, creating a dichotomy between authenticity and mimicry.

Isn't ironic how those who can't afford the luxury of modern apparel become the influence behind contemporary lavishness and hip couture?