From Twitter Leggings to Science Fiction Baby Bonnets

 - Mar 13, 2012
As soon as it became cool to openly embrace and celebrate one's inner geek, nerdified accessories flooded the stores in droves.

Expanding far beyond the ironic, old-school video game t-shirts of the past, the newest wave of nerdy adornments include much more brazen projections of dweeb culture. Subtle references to dorky pastimes have been foregone in favor of unabashedly sporting one's favorite meme or comic book in the most literal and visible way possible.

Shoes, cufflinks, jewelry and even baby apparel are becoming increasingly nerdtastic in style, referencing everything from video games and computer parts to science fiction and social media.

If there were any doubt about whether geek is still chic, the slew of nerdified accessories out there will put that debate to rest.