Thierry Lasry Collaborates With Ketevane Maissaisa for Abstract Shades

 - May 15, 2011
References: clnprint & hypebeast
As those sun-drenched summer days draw closer, the prime time to stock up on sunglasses is now, and the Thierry Lasry brand sunglasses by Ketevane Maissaia come at a perfect time. Collaborating with Theirry Lasry, the designer debuts these abstract sunglasses, which take on a very architectural look.

Inspired by Soviet architecture, the construction of the Theirry Lasry sunglasses includes "a classic frame with edgy, contemporary arms." When not worn, the sunglasses function as a standalone structure resembling the model of an airplane. Along with the black frames available are various other colors.

The Thierry Lasry sunglasses are an ultra-modern and contemporary design that is sure to make a statement while providing its functional properties. Instead of looking like a computer geek, these sunglasses will add a modern, high-fashion touch to your wardrobe.