From Sculpted Stache Campaigns to Hilarious Hairy Calendars

 - Nov 3, 2011
It used to be that the holiday most commonly commercially celebrated before Christmas was a toss-up between Halloween and Thanksgiving, but thanks to all of the marvelous Movember products out right now, the whole title of a calendar month will never be the same.

The basis behind the Movember movement is now a worldwide phenomenon that has been encouraging those physically able to grow a mustache to do so in support of men's health issue awareness. Since the idea was conceived in 1999, good old November is annually taken over by company concepts working in the design of mustaches to their goods for the facial-haired, four-week frenzy.

If you're actually unable to just ditch the razor and revel in the shade of your five o'clock upper-lip shadow, pick up a piece of the marvelous Movember products and sport your own stachecessory.