Hold Me Tight Pillows Personify Bedtime Peripheries

 - Aug 17, 2011
References: uncommongoods & swiss-miss
I routinely dive into a sea of pillows after a long day of working, and you can rest assured that if I had any one of these Hold Me Tight Pillows, they'd have top priority on my snuggle scale. Who wouldn't want a pillow with a set of arms to hold or to slip your arms into?

The Hold Me Tight Pillows' appeal is further enhanced by the quirky personifications that Uncommon Goods, the manufacturers of this wonderful collection of head cushions, have put into each pillow. I'd personally buy the one with the mustache and miniature bowler hat because of its dapper aesthetics. Or, if you have a crybaby in the family, buy him or her the one with a teardrop running down its eye to perk up that special someone's day!

Implications - Consumers enjoy products which invoke human characteristics because they engage consumers on an empathetic level. Corporations may consider personifying their wares in order to entice consumers into buying their goods.