From App-Connected Commercials to Shoppable Dress-Up Games

 - Sep 10, 2014
With the rise of social gaming, there's a huge opportunity for brands to create marketing games that are able to show off the features of a new product or service, offer incentives or even just a fun way to pass the time.

These examples of gamification take the form of apps or experiences that encourage play in real life. By nature, most games are fun, which is what makes them great for giving mundane products a boost. Although there are plenty of games that will satisfy your need for action or adventure, sometimes a game doesn't even have to be exciting for it to be successful, as proven by the extremely frustrating Flappy Bird, or classic arcade games with a nostalgia factor. Taco Bell's 'The Waiting Game' is a fantastic example of how a game can be intentionally tedious, boring, and still something that people want to play because there's a desirable prize to be won at the end.