Denny's Atari Remix App Turns Arcade Classics into Breakfast Games

 - Jul 5, 2014
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If you've ever found yourself wanting a bacon and eggs-themed Atari, look no further than the Hashteroids breakfast game on the Denny's Atari Remix app.

In partnership with Atari, Hashteroids and two other games are being used to promote the new Greatest Hits Remixed meals at Denny's, which put a focus on classic American meals with a twist. These Atari games also feature tasty twists, such as having the blocks in the Take-Out game swapped for bacon, eggs and pancakes. Centipup is another game that's modeled after Centipede, where players must squirt ketchup at enemies.

As well as being fun blasts from the past, these breakfast-themed games have got to be a great way to work up a big appetite.