From Surrealist VR Exhibitions to Virtual Socialization Apps

 - Apr 1, 2017
Though virtual reality has the potential to be the ultimate fantasy escape entertainment, the March 2017 VR trends show that the technology doesn't have to isolate individuals. VR can be used for socializing just as effectively as it can be used to immerse people in personal, independent experiences, and producers are catching on to that notion.

In some cases, virtual reality socialization has an educational purpose. Mondly connects users in virtual environments and helps them to learn new languages. For instance, it might place users on a train and encourage them to communicate with each other as well as the usher when they come to take tickets.

vTime, on the other hand, is a virtual reality app that combines the fantastic possibilities of VR with face-to-face socialization. The app lets people create avatars and meet virtually, but these meetings can happen in impossible locales like space stations or the bottom of the ocean.