From Kid-Friendly Video Apps to Romantic Senior Selfies

 - Mar 28, 2015
Identifying your target audience is an integral part of marketing, and these March 2015 life-stages products and platforms do a great job of making their intended customer clear. Kids are an interesting demographic as they have next to no buying power. However, brands are clearly relying on children appealing to their parents as most of these innovations are toys or are otherwise made for youth.

With Easter coming up soon, many March 2015 life-stages ideas are holiday gifts and decor for children. This includes potted Easter baskets and pop-out sticker boxes. Technology is also being geared towards kids, like beacon treasure hunts (which also has an Easter tie-in), kid-safe 3D printers, schoolyard-tough laptops and educational phone-unlocking apps. Stereotypically girly toys are also in high demand, from Barbie remote control cars to kid-sized Disney dolls and even Dora the Explorer-themed rockstar toys.