- May 27, 2018
From drive-up delivery services to shoppable fashion storefronts, the June 2018 retail trends demonstrate that brands are going to great lengths to make in-store shopping easier for consumers.

On the one hand, many retailers are attempting to make in-store shopping more convenient by combining it with the ease of online shopping. In the case of Target, consumers can now have their purchases delivered to them right in the parking lot, so they never even have to leave their car. Similarly, Walmart is introducing on-site pick-up stations so consumers never have to wait around for their orders.

Beyond new delivery and pick-up options, the June 2018 retail trends also reveal the rise of on-site digital shopping. One example is Fred Segal and Mastercard'sRock ‘n Roll Holy Land, which turned the storefront into a digital shop where consumers could add virtual items to their cart and make purchases via their smartphones.

From In-Aisle Checkout Services to Shoppable Fashion Storefronts: