From DIY Produce Kits to Feminist Comedy Clubs

 - Jul 29, 2018
Convenience, sustainability and inclusivity are some of the major themes that can be seen across the top July 2018 new ventures. When it comes to making life simpler for consumers, start-ups—and well-established companies that embrace innovation—are turning to everything from autonomous delivery program partnerships to clothing buy-back programs that help to tackle the issue of textile waste.

In order to spotlight the contributions of women in different industries, inclusive comedy clubs and wine bars are being launched to celebrate the important work that they do in male-dominated realms.

With the rise of cashless transactions, a new wave of debit and credit cards are emerging in the form of physical cards made of everything from rare metal to ocean plastic. Some digital wallet providers are even launching their own physical payment cards as a means of offering a transitional product for those who still prefer to carry a physical wallet and plastic cards.