John Lewis is Testing a Service to Reclaim Unwanted Clothing

 - Jun 20, 2018
References: retailsector
A staggering amount of clothing and textile waste is generated every year, leaving many perfectly good or potentially reusable articles to consume space in landfills—some forward-thinking retailers are now implementing clothing recycling and buy-back programs to play their part in reducing waste.

With over 100 of its customers, high-end department store chain John Lewis is now testing a scheme that allows customers to sell back the pieces of clothing that they no longer want. As such, this effort will help to reduce landfill waste in the UK and help consumers be rewarded for their efforts. For each piece of unwanted clothing that is collected, consumers will be paid immediately for the item, no matter its condition.

This clothing buy-back service is being tested with Stuffstr, which looks back upon what a customer has previously purchased to assign value to the items. When a customer has a minimum of £50 worth of clothing to sell, a courier will come to their house within three hours to collect and pay for the products.