The Uber Electric Car Project Incentives Electric Vehicle Usage

 - Jun 20, 2018
References: uber & theverge
Uber drivers who operate with electric vehicles may soon be receiving a pay raise as a new Uber electric car pilot project looks to push more drivers to ditch fossil fuel-burning vehicles. The goal for Uber is to facilitate 5 million trips over the next 12 months in electric vehicles and is part of the brand's continued commitment to reducing the climate footprint it produces.

The Uber electric car pilot project will be taking place in seven cities across the United States: Austin, Los Angeles, Montreal, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. Cash incentives will be given out to drivers who switch to electric vehicles, though these incentives will range from city to city.

The new Uber electric car pilot project will also feature partnerships with various nonprofits, as well as UC-Davis researchers. These partnerships will allow Uber to discover new ways it and local governments can encourage electric vehicle adoption.