Recycling Nespresso Capsules is Super Efficient with This Bag

 - Jun 15, 2018
References: newswire & nespresso
Properly recycling Nespresso capsules meant a potentially lengthy and tiresome trip to a designated store in the past. However, the coffee company has figured out a more efficient and convenient way for consumers to be eco-conscious when using the products.

From here on, the red Nespresso recycling bag will be included with every capsule purchase online and by-phone, as well as upon demand in stores. Consumers are able to collect their used pods in the bag. Once the container is full, it needs to be securely sealed and dropped off at a Canada Post mailbox or a Post Office at the coffee enthusiast's convenience. Of course, the postages are prepaid.

Since aluminium can be infinitely reused, recycling Nespresso capsules is an extremely important activity that contributes to the sustainability of our planet.