From Pride-Celebrating Skate Shoes to Revitalized Platform Sneakers

 - Jul 29, 2017
The summer often offers a variety of vibrant sneaker releases that bring life to seasonal ensembles, and these July 2017 sneaker trends are no exception.

Making use of a retro silhouette and old school branding are the Apple Sneakers, which celebrate the tech giant's early rainbow logo days. Due to the exclusivity of the design and Apple's popularity, the 90s sneakers are being sold in an auction with a starting big of $15,000 USD, however they're expected to sell for over $30,000 USD.

Although the majority of these July 2017 sneaker trends revolve around functional fashion pieces, creations like Michael Blazy's flowerpots demonstrate that sneakerheads can show of their obsession in a number of different ways. Debuted at the Venice Art Biennale, the sneakers are filled with plants and soil and topped off with moss -- making for art that explores the connection between everyday life and the botanical.