From Blow-Up Couture to Inflatable Breast Implants

 - Jun 27, 2009   Updated: Jul 11 2011
The world is never short of inflatable innovation, as this slideshow of 65 blow-up creations proves. From bubble couture and inflatable fashion to blow-up chandeliers, frames and even breast implants, all these creations need is air to hold water.

Some of my favorite inflatable innovations in this cluster are the offbeat designs, like the blow-up holiday fruitcakes and the giant tank comprised entirely of colorful balloons. Which is your favorite?

Implications - Germaphobic people appear to be on the rise as celebrities like Howie Mandell continue to publicize their struggles with germs. Fashions like these inflatables are a reflection of the overall societal embrace of caution. Businesses that exercise visible caution within their designs will appeal to such consumers.