Get Maximum Air with the Pumpboard

 - Dec 14, 2008   Updated: Aug 10 2011
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Getting pumped is 90% of a skater's skill, but this board needs to be 100% pumped to perform. The Pumpboard by Puxon Maciej is a fiber board that can be deflated, rolled up and easily stored.

The Pumpboard might be handy for skater kids with bicoastal parents--this deflating skateboard will make it onto any plane. The design is very cool, but seems that modding the deck would be completely out of the question.

Implications - Storage-friendly and packable items are becoming increasingly popular due the limited space people have and the convenience of packable items. Consumers are demanding that products be more convenient for them. Businesses can harness this need by creating any product that is functional so that a buyer would be more likely to buy their product over a competitor because of its usefulness.