- Mar 21, 2008
References: pufferfishdisplays & designspotter
Working in advertising for some of the world's big brands introduced me to the fantastic world of event organizing. Europe is the perfect place to find innovative ideas to promote brand launches and events. The Puffershere, for example, is a phenomenal way to display multimedia shows. So what is this innovation by Pufferfish that I'm so amazed with?

It's an inflatable, 360 degree sphere that you can use for multimedia presentations. It is a digital display, that can be viewed 360 degree and offers a wide range of branding and multimedia content to be presented on.

As the British company producing these systems mentions on their website, "The arresting 2 or 2.5 diameter spherical screen is inflated via a self-contained base unit, whilst the internal projection system maps your choice of digital content onto its surface."

Innovating in the event industry is not as easy as it seems, as your consumers will get easily bored if your ideas to relate them to your brand are not as fresh as they expect. It's a tough job!