- Dec 17, 2011
If you love the added goodness salty swine meat brings to your life but could do without the guilt of calories or have an animal-loving conscious, the completely inedible bacon products will peak your porky interests.

Bacon, the delicious strips that have been the breakfast sidekick for centuries, are now being turned into wacky products that don't require the meat to be consumed whatsoever. There are innovations that give off the slightest whiff of meaty allure, like homemade hog candles or the appetizing alarms that wake you up with sizzling sounds and smell of bacon cooking in the morning. Then there are the porky accessories that include bacon shoes, cufflinks, watches and smartphone covers.

So if you can't stomach actually eating the succulent strips for whatever reasons, pig out on purchasing completely inedible bacon products instead!

From Porktastic Paintings to Swine Strummers: