From Mythical Desk Lamps to Hacking Collectives

 - Nov 3, 2011
These IKEA innovations will have you yearning to get the S-wrenches out and put together some night tables. With all of its compelling marketing campaigns, signature style and wacky product names, IKEA has cemented itself within popular culture.

The IKEA innovations range from specific products to marketing campaigns. What I find particularly interesting is all of the IKEA hacks that are out there; there are clubs devoted to modifying and improving the furniture manufacturer's products. Go out and get yourself a couple of tables, a lamp, some Swedish meatballs and hack away.

Implications - Consumers feel a connection with companies whose brand image feels human. IKEA, while being a giant retailer, has managed to create a brand image that is at once practical and playful. Companies ought to consider how they can humanize themselves through various campaigns.