Christian Gideon Depicts Daily Living in an IKEA Store

Trips to IKEA aren't exactly known for their brevity and fun, but photographer Christian Gideon made the best of such a trip recently by imagining what life would be like if he and his friends lived in an IKEA store.

Christian Gideon and his friends photographed a series of silly scenes in the various IKEA showrooms. The images depict every aspect of the day, from the morning shower to dinnertime toasts, doing laundry, watching a game on TV and reading a book by the hearth. Each image is cheekier than the last, and the series as a whole does a convincing job of portraying everyday life at an IKEA store.

While I wouldn't want to live at an IKEA store in real life, this Christian Gideon series portrays such a scenario in a whimsical, fun way.