- Nov 2, 2012
Investing in a few essential emergency kits will help relieve you of racking your brain to assemble your own. Whether it's another natural disaster or the upcoming apocalypse, it's always better to be prepared.

Finding out what you're missing when disaster strikes is too late. Shops and homes will be destroyed, leaving nothing but a pile of debris, waiting to be sifted through in an attempt to salvage what may or may not be usable. Ranging from insulated inflatable shelters to GPS tracking pods and even odor-eliminating emergency toilets, these essential emergency kits will ensure that all your daily needs are met including the ones you never thought of in a time crunch. Be wary of others though, for they may want to snag one of your compact tool kits, so stocking up on a couple extra ones wouldn't hurt.

From Pop-Up Shelters to Life-Saving Backpacks: