Zombie Survival Bottle Gets You Prepared for the Apocalypse

 - Dec 8, 2011
References: zombiebottle & incrediblethings
If you can't afford one of Gerber's insane blades, the Zombie Survival Bottle is a good start should the undead rise from the grave.

A few essentials have been packed into the Zombie Survival Bottle so that anyone could have a chance against the undead. Inside are tools that include a 6 inch de-braining spike, anti-moaning earplugs, an emergency bite-cleansing kit and chocolate for food. If you can't get the spike out of one zombie's head on time, you can always use the bottle as a weapon.

The Zombie Survival Bottle may not be a gun or a machete, but it will do the trick for fending off undead creatures for a certain amount of time.