IKEA's LEKO Car Viral Marketing Shows It's Not What It Seems

 - Apr 1, 2009
References: wheels.blogs.nytimes & nowpublic
Rumors of an IKEA car have been floating around cyberspace for a couple of weeks, but the gig is up. Isabelle Cremoux-Mirgalet, a spokeswoman for IKEA France, has made it official: the mystery ‘LEKO’ video buzz has been part of a viral market campaign for an online car-sharing service partnership set to launch in 26 French locations. All details are not yet available, but those do-it-yourselfers who had visions of assembling a flat-packed car in their living rooms will have to park those dreams.

The video above is in French, but I'll try my best at translating. The cover tarping the curious shape reads, "La voiture selon Ikea" which translates to "the car by Ikea." 

The man, who I assume is supposed to be a designer, touts the virtues of the yet to be unveiled object and lets us know that March 31 will mark the beginning of this sustainable development.