IKEA Campaigns Carefully Combine Business and Humor

 - May 8, 2012
IKEA, the Swedish home furnishing mecca, has always been a step ahead of its competitors. In line with the cutting-edge technology used to make the brand's furniture more sellable, IKEA campaigns are similarly outstanding.

From in-store sleepovers to hidden camera viral videos, IKEA definitely knows how to make a name for itself. Often adopting comedy and intrigue to their stunts, the company mixes entertainment and marketing exceptionally well. Over the years, IKEA has proven to be more than capable of adapting to changing markets by quickly catching onto emerging consumer needs and trends.

The way in which the home furnishing brand integrates customer experience into its stores, as well as its marketing, accelerates the cultural importance of the brand. Simple, distinctive and playful, this collection of IKEA campaigns highlights the marketing successes of the clever brand.